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Commitment. Vision. Originality and appreciation of handcrafted work. From 1983 until today, we have sought to show the world what we do best with quality and innovation. Located in Farroupilha, Serra Gaucha (Brazil) We are a pioneer company in leather manufacturing in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). We believe in the potential of this raw material for the creation of timeless products that accompany the journey of several generations through its durability and versatility. We found in leather a way to express our authenticity. Through our two collections every year, we seek to bring to our customers and partner a reflection of our identity as a fashion brand. We value our past always with an eye to the future. We understand the importance of knowing where we came from to know where we want to get to. In almost 40 years of business, we believe that, beyond the 1000 pieces that are delivered per month or the more than 238 models developed, our differential is in the experience that we deliver on each product that comes out of our confection.



"Our creative philosophy is dedicated to enhancing and inspiring people to live an exceptional experience through slow fashion products produced in leather. We remain loyal to the most authentic craftsmanship, with the mix of classic to contemporary produced with know-how and noble raw materials. We are conscious of the future of our planet and so we collaborate in the development of the entire product cycle, thought to be the most sustainable and circular as possible respecting the next generations."


Ritielle Dal Pizzol

Creative Director


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